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Polish company is looking for manufacturers of industrial fittings from Germany, Italy and Spain based on a distribution agreement

A company from central Poland has been operating on the Polish market for industrial fittings for over 27 years. The company realizes deliveries for the industry such as: energy, heating, chemical, food, water and sewage, sea and investment service. The company is looking for suppliers with experience, cooperation will take place on the basis of a distribution agreement. The company is looking for suppliers from Italy, Germany and Spain.

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Market Keywords: 09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers

Partner Sought

The company is looking for reliable partners with experience,
Manufacturers of fittings for the energy, heating, chemical, food, water and sewage, and marine industries.
The comapny are looking for products such as: valves, gate valves, dampers, separating fittings, pneumatics-hydraulics, water meters, heat meters, thermometers, manometers, drives, pumps, water and sewage fittings, pipeline components.
The company expects long-term cooperation based on distribution agreement.
The business partner should speak English and have a short time for e-mails queries.

Info e contatti

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Roberta Alberti - een1@confindustria.lombardia.it - 0258370812


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