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New customizable contact lenses to correct presbyopia

A Spanish research group and a Spanish company have developed a new multifocal scleral contact lens to compensate presbyopia which has the peculiarity of being optically customizable according to the specific needs of each patient. Some prototypes have been manufactured at laboratory level and they have been validated successfully in patients. Currently, CE marking is being processed. Companies interested in licensing agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought.

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Technology Keywords: 05003002 Optics 
Market Keywords: 07004002 Health and beauty aids; 07004008 Other consumer products 

Partner sought


Type of partner sought: Companies
Specific area of activity of the partner: Manufacturer or distributor of contact lenses.
Task to be performed: 1. To commercially exploit the multifocal scleral contact lens and/or their design through a licensing agreement, or; 2. To distribute the multifocal scleral contact lens through a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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