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Novel solutions sought to prevent or continuously remove marine biofouling

A multinational shipping enterprise with a registered base in Scotland (UK) is seeking novel approaches to keep a ship's hull continuously clean of marine organisms, that is, to prevent and/or continuously remove biofouling. The Scottish company is looking for partnerships via a joint venture to pilot technology on a ship.

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Technology Keywords: 02009005 Shipbuilding; 10002007 Environmental Engineering / Technology; 10004009 Marine Environment.

Market Keywords: 08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified); 09001007 Other transportation

Partner Sought

A joint venture is preferred, leading to joint development which would likely include a demonstration project where piloting on a bulk carrier can be carried out as needed. If the proposed solution is commercially available, technical support can be offered defining the appropriate application and maintenance on ships.

The company is looking for concise, non-confidential proposals. The proposal should describe the technical approach and should ideally include information on the technological readiness of the proposal, any proof of concept data, reference to any peer reviewed publications, and potential route to commercialization.


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