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Eurostars2: A Korean company is looking for R&D partners to develop Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor networked smart product

A Korean SME, a leading company in distribution industry of system integration and solution merged with information technology (IT) seeks partners for Eurostars2. The SME is concentrating on IoT and sensor networked smart products. R&D institutes, universities, or companies that have expertise in IoT are sought to improve the techniques applicable on IT industry. Therefore, the technology and products would be more innovative through this project under research cooperation agreement.

software IOT computer ICT internet RDKR20180302001


Technology Keywords: 01003006 Computer Software, 01003014 Internet Technologies/Communication (Wireless, Bluetooth), 01003025 Internet of Things

Market Keywords: 02007006 Other system software, 02007015 Integrated software

Partner Sought

-R&D Institute, university, and SME

Specific area of activity of partner - IoT, WSN, smart product relevant topics

Tasks to be performed by the partner sought - A problem domain should be selected based on his/her needs and requirements. - A system utilizing IoT and WSN for the selected problem. - A use case will be developed for the selected domain. - A commercial product should be developed utilizing the developed framework.


Framework Programme: Eureka
Call title and identifier: Eurostars 2

Deadline for EOI: 30 Aug 2018

Deadline for Call: 13 Sep 2018

Info e contatti

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